Oahu North Shore Surf Spots

The North Shore of Oahu is home to several of the most famous beaches and surf spots in the world. Every winter, swells generated in the North Pacific Ocean deliver large, magnificent, and many times dangerous waves to the North Shore. These swells can range anywhere from 2 to 25 feet high! Surfers and spectators from all over the world come here every winter to experience the spectacular waves at spots like the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay. Although known for it large waves, the North Shore of Oahu has surf spots that suit every level of surfing. If

you are a beginner and would love to experience the thrill of riding waves in Hawaii, spots such as Chun’s Reef or Puaena Point are just a few spots on the North Shore that will enable beginners to experience the true surfing “stoke.” Here you have the opportunity to learn from some of the best surfing schools on the planet from trained professional instructors and take home an experience you will not soon forget. If you plan on traveling to the North Shore in the winter (October – March) surf months, be prepared to experience
  • Chun's Reef
  • Pua'ena Point
  • Inside Hale'iwa
heavy amounts of traffic when the waves are up. Often coined the “8 mile miracle” from Haleiwa to Sunset Beach, the traffic generated by onlookers can be tremendous. When planning a day trip to see the waves, be sure to arrive on the North Shore early in the morning to avoid stop and go traffic and also give yourself plenty of time to leave if needed. Watching waves at places like the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay is like watching Mother Nature at its best. Large, open swells march in unobstructed and rise up on the swallow reef breaking in just a few feet of water and this is what produces the spectacular “pipe” or tube that you see in so many famous videos and pictures. The thing that makes it so special is the proximity to the shore in which these waves break. You can
literally feel shake beneath your feet when a fifteen foot wave breaks at the Pipeline. All winter long, surfers challenge themselves by riding the Pipeline looking for that fantastic tube ride. It is truly a thing of beauty to watch.

As the winter swells subside and the surfers travel to new locations looking for waves to ride, the North Shore becomes an excellent snorkeling, fishing, diving and kayaking location. The crystal clear water allows visitors to see marine life up close and personal at places like Shark’s Cove (named for the sharp reef) and Three Tables.

Haleiwa Traffic
North Shore Surf Spots So, whether you are looking for the thrill of riding waves in the winter or would rather snorkel beautiful reefs in the summer, the North Shore has something for everyone and should not be missed while in the Hawaiian Islands.

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